December 27, 2008


Creating batik motifs requires knowledge and skills apart. Motifs that will be created that can really show the quality of motifs other than the motifs that have no batik.
To be able to learn in depth how to construct batik motifs, it will be described in the discussion of various forms of field (isen-isen), merengga (menstilir) form of vegetation, and merengga (menstilir) of the animals.
All examples of motifs that are made are not binding and limit in creating batik motifs. But precisely with the examples that can created Batik motifs of the other.
Apart from the opportunity it will be open to creative person who can create the motifs of new batik and harmonious.

Thus, we can get a picture, batik design that can be developed and developed in accordance with the aspirations of the people in Indonesia and abroad.
To construct a good motif, must first recognize various forms of the field. The various lots of other kinds of fields of lines (klowong) that can be made various variations freely, so that the forms can be produced to give the impression that different. Various fields of dots (cecek) is a variation field as the most difficult to make cecek required diligence and thoroughness. The form can also be arranged freely.
Many variations isen-isen the other shows how to create a freedom and preparing the field variations. The form can be arranged according to ability so the resultant effect of different.

A. Various field shape of the line Klowong

1. Straight line

2. Broken line-broken

3. The curved line

4. Cross the line

B. Multiple Line Klowong shape of the field and Tembokan
1. Straight line and tembokan

2. Broken line and tembokan

3. The curved line and tembokan

4. Cross the line and tembokan

C. Various field Cecek shape of the (point)
1. Cecek (point)

2. Cecek contents

3. Cecek flower

D. Variations of other forms of content

1. Putting a circle

2. Putting the form of line

3. Putting the form of line and field

Obvious for us that make various forms of field can be arranged freely. Besides, the variations can be created from the field of the other. Variations in the next field still to be developed over time.


Merengga to be able to (change the form of a natural form of decoration) of vegetation, it must first learn the ways merengga part of the vegetation. Examples, merengga leaf or flower a whole, coupled one leaf or flower leaves or flowers with the other.
Merengga in the form of leaves and flowers there is a freedom in the form of mint leaves and flowers. Variations can be made manifold. Examples of these can be used as the basis to create a motive.
A. Merengga shape of the leaf
1. Merengga form of the leaf spinach made in full and in part.

2. Merengga form of the leaf bracken made in full and in part.

B. Merengga the form of flower
merengga the form of flower is not bound by the amount of flower that have sheath, but can be made with the form of a rounded edge, a little taper and straight. Sheath flower into one section. Variations can be made various, and not limited.For example:

Core words

Changing the form of a natural form of decoration.

The shape of the image that is created using Canting and wax.

The shape of the point made using Canting and the results remain white.

The motif:
The motif is the image of the nature and complexion of a manifestation.

Isen-isen :
Something that is used as a complement to the main ornament

Tembokan :
form or field that will be a white, covered with wax


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